Meditation apps are great tools to help us build a healthy relationship with the mind, something especially useful in this day and age.

If you have ever tried to escape from yourself, 2020 was probably not the best year to do so. And, as you may have noticed, we can’t really escape from ourselves, because wherever we go, we are there. Meditation has been on the rise this year. It is a gentle way of getting to know ourselves, and befriending our mind.

The whole purpose of meditation is to befriend and understand our minds; all while staying focussed. Although feel-good meditation music can help us relax in the moment, ideally in this stressful world, we all aim to attain self-transformation. …

Caves, mountains, peace, nirvana and yogic poses are some of the things which come to our mind when we hear the word ‘meditation’. Some of us may even run away from the very word, due to the fear of getting into sects or cults, but in reality, meditation is simple. In fact, simplicity is also meditation and meditation leads to simplicity.

Although many people equate the idea of meditation with listening to calming music and expect to get up all relaxed after a meditation session, it may not always be true. I am pretty sure that, if you ever tried…


Writer, Educator: Simplicity and humour are my forte. Committed to making this world a warmer place by understanding the play of life.

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