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As I was answering a user’s question on the community about social media here, I realised how much of a struggle it was for me to overcome these addictions which initially seemed insignificant. I was addicted to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too sometimes. So, I thought I’d share my learnings, for anyone who may be seeking some solace.

These hacks have helped me immensely and I compiled them from over four years of experience, battling with this addiction. I can happily say that I have overcome addiction all forms of social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Insta etc). These worked wonders when everything else failed.

Whether you are building a new habit or dropping an existing one, the amount of effort and time required is roughly the same. So, don’t start both at the same time. Either resolve to shed an existing one or take the time out to build a new one, but not both concurrently.
~ Om Swami, The Bondage of Beliefs,

The best way to get out of this habit is by replacing the habit. Forcefully avoiding social media usage was futile for me. Here are a few ways you can gradually replace this habit while still using your phone. (Removing the password and app of the sites from your phone can also help, but when it’s a real addiction, you will just remember the password and log in through your browser instead. At least, I did.).

1. Replace the habit by using Kindle app instead and adopting reading as the habit.

I did this.

Find out what really peaks your interest and buy some related books(any genre: spirituality, romance comedy, autobiographies, cooking) Just make sure it interests you and will keep you engaged.

When you are bored and want to be distracted, go and open kindle instead on your phone.

2. When you are tempted to distract yourself, read someone’s blog and leave a nice loving comment to encourage them. It will really boost your mood.

Also you could use the Black Lotus App and do some guided meditation or you could explore the Sadhana App.

3. Remove the apps like WhatsApp and Instagram from your phone’s main home screen.

Move and place the App into a folder on the main app page of your phone. You will then have to consciously go and find the folder and open the app, with more effort as it will not be in sight, at first go. If you actively have to go look for an app, mindfulness will kick in and you will easily stop yourself.

Also, go ahead and block the notifications of the app in the settings of your phone. Then you have to actively go and open WhatsApp to see your messages- they don’t constantly pop up.

Unfollow the pages you are most addicted to on Facebook and Instagram. The clips and videos causing you to compulsively spend hours on social media, will not appear.

4. Slowly stop talking to people on WhatsApp and leave WhatsApp groups.

You’ll notice that you’ll start receiving less messages from people, especially if you don’t take the first step to start a conversation. When that happens in a few weeks, put your phone away and try to just contemplate and spend time alone. Ask yourself what you are seeking through these social media scrolls and what can you offer yourself instead, which will leave you feeling fulfilled without them.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself and take it easy.

If we constantly battle with ourselves and seek to change fast, we’ll find ourselves facing a relapse.

The trick is to go slowly but do it effectively. That’s the method which worked best for me. Drastic measures never helped. Good luck!

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